What to eat to lose weight in a healthy way

Due to lack of time a lot of people would not be able to fit in daily exercise in their life, however there is other ways to lose weight in a week. By eating the proper foods, it is possible to lose 5 pounds fast, in just 7 days and even without doing any workout.

There are basic principles that could be used in order to make this happen.

What foods to eat to lose as much weight as possible in just 1 week

how to lose 5 pounds in a week, how much weight can you lose in a weekThere are certain foods that when eaten on a regular basis can aid in reducing body fat.

By eating these foods, it is possible to lose 5 pounds fast, by eating them on a regular basis it is feasible to lose weight in a week and be prepared for an important event in a person’s life.

Eating whole eggs and adding them on a daily diet can provide a high amount of protein; this can provide the body healthy fats and can make a person feel full longer causing them to eat lesser food for the entire day.

By eating eggs for breakfast, there are fewer chances for hunger pangs and less chances of overeating for the entire day especially at night time.

Eating leafy green vegetables like swiss chards, collards, kale and spinach can also do wonders for the body.

Leafy greens have components that aid weight loss, it is low in calorie as well as carbohydrates and is also very rich in fiber.

Apart from the leafy vegetables also contain high amount of calcium which is known for aiding the fat burning process in the body.

Lemons: By squeezing lemons and adding them in water before eating breakfast, the body can remove toxins, apart from that lemons can also aid in cleansing the body and ridding it off infections.

It provides more energy and because of this the body will require less food to continue, lemons have a way of cleansing and removing unwanted fats in the body and is also used in assisting the processing of the liver.

Boiled Sweet Potatoes can be used for weight loss, sweet potatoes make a person feel full and satisfied longer, it also contains potassium a nutrient that is vital for people who don’t have enough in the blood, this is effective when combating high blood pressure especially for obese individuals.

Tuna, is a low calorie type of food and is also very rich in protein, and since it is lean fish, there is not much fat inside of it.

This is often used by bodybuilders as well as fitness models due to the fact that it can fill them up without necessarily providing high cholesterol, it is better to go for the tuna in can in water instead of oil in order to reduce the fat.

By opting to eat more fruits and vegetables, by following the tips from the video below  https://youtu.be/4YA_QPwrSbM and removing sugary drinks like carbonated drinks in the diet it becomes possible to lose 5 pounds and more.

By simply eating these foods and avoiding white sugar based foods like white bread, pasta and rice it is possible to lose weight within just a small amount of time.